Spocket is a Dropshipping app. I’ve worked on the product and on the website.

Categories and filters improvements

Improve in-app browsing experience by re-arranging the product categories and provide users more intuitive and advanced filters for the Spocket app.

Spocket app before/after
  1. Poor UX browsing experience, hard to navigate followed by basic filtering options
  2. Create a better and flexible UI layout foundation that will allow the future to add more features to the app
  3. Many users drop off and get frustrated since they can’t find the specific products they are looking for
  1. Collect all the related user feedbacks, group them in themes and prioritize them accordingly
  2. Review the current interface and highlight the UX critical elements
  3. Analyze users' behaviours flows, clicks, view users browsing video recordings and heatmaps
  4. Dig into the data from top-performing categories by the number of products viewed, imported and bought
  5. Send out a survey to users on how they interact with product categories and filters
Spocket Step one process
  1. Do a competitive analysis for similar apps looking for UX best practices
  2. Involve the team members in creating principles for the new design
  3. Create user personas - for this task we identified two of them: People using the app for the first time (new users) and recurring people (successful drop shippers)
Spocket Step two process
  1. Define the outcome for the new redesign layout
  2. Start to create solution ideas by designing low fidelity mocks and user flows
Spocket Step three process
  1. Refine low fidelity mocks, working closely with the team on deciding the best solution by moving slowly to high fidelity mocks. Finishing to re-organize the Categories
Spocket Step four process
  1. Working on polishing and perfecting the UI. Planning with the project management the development and new features releasing strategy by multiple phases
Spocket Step five process
  1. Quickly test the high fidelity mocks user flows
  2. Provide to the development team all the necessary documentation and specifications. Working on improving the Spocket design system by updating and using existing components
  3. Help the team on QA sessions and monitor the new design app release to a limited group of users
Spocket Step seven process
Spocket Step six process

Final deliverables!


  1. Better paid plan user conversion
  2. More user engagement in using filters
Spocket Homepage screen
Spocket Category screen
Spocket Step eight process

Website Re-design

Do a complete re-branding for the www.spocket.co website, create dedicated marketing pages and create a new scalable design system.

Spocket website before/after
Spocket website two

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